Flanders and Swann Drop Another Hat
with Michael Bernstein and Colin Stevens



“Above all they were funny! A hackneyed phrase perhaps, but I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house after “The English, the English, the English are best, I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest!” Well done for creating a memorable evening.” Keith Baker, Capital International.

“Gentle satire in musical form is still alive and kicking, with the utmost discretion, in the English shires. The standard bearers now of an art that is unique to this country are the laconically-precise Michael Bernstein and Colin Stevens, a pianist and humorist of rare talent.” Dave Cooper, Thanet Extra.

“Michael Bernstein and Colin Stevens perform fascinating impersonations of Flanders & Swann, and they have a good following – sold out for four performances. Bernstein has considerable acting ability and he uses it with gusto, pointing precisely and with clarity the comic songs that appealed so much to the British public during the fifties and sixties. Stevens is a talented musician and first-class accompanist. He plays for two hours, trading smiles and gestures with Bernstein and joining him for duets to his own piano playing.” Peter Tatlow, The Stage.

“Bernstein & Stevens recreate the wit, social comment and musical dexterity of the original shows much better than I dared hope. They left me pleased to have seen the original 40 year ago at London’s Fortune Theatre, and delighted to be in on the revival” Rex Cooper, Kent Profile.

“It is a delightful show, and it’s great that you’re making the material your own” Leon Berger, agent for Flanders & Swann estates.

“There was plenty of nostalgia and gentle satire in good measure, all skilfully delivered, and a fervent Englishness too. In fact, what they gave above all was a brilliant display of what the English do so well: delightfully good-humoured entertainment set to stylishly lyrical music that gives enormous pleasure. Indeed, the performance was such that it seemed Flanders & Swann were back again themselves – and there can be no greater accolade than that!” Edith Stokes, Canterbury Festival.

“Although Flanders & Swann gave their last performances more than 30 years ago, they still have an army of fans even today. Michael and Colin’s tribute contains all their finest work and there are some wonderful – almost uncanny – moments when you feel that the great originals are back with us again” Richard Whitmore, North Herts Comet and Hertfordshire on Sunday.

“The programme received a number of messages from listeners who enjoyed your ‘take’ on ‘Slow Train’: what a joy!” - Rupert Allman, producer, and Patrick O'Connell, presenter of Broadcasting House, BBC Radio 4, Sunday 13 July 2008.